2012 Coolings Classic Vehicle Show

The seventh Classic Vehicles Rally was held at Coolings Nursery on 4th August 2012. We have had a very wet summer with frequent showers and even flooding in places and today was no exception. At the show it stayed dry for most of the day with just one cloudburst, which thankfully only lasted for a few minutes, and the following sun soon dried things out. In order to keep numbers manageble the age of the vehicles was raised to over 30 years this year. We were also competing with the London Olympics but nonetheless about 130 vehicles attended and once again we had the fairground organ sponsored by Ox in Flames Garage. Many visitors to Coolings Nursery were happily suprised to find the added bonus of a free car show tio view after buying their plants. As ususal many favourable comments about the informal atmosphere were received from those showing theor cars and one from an entrant who would like the show held in the summer next year! If someone could just predict which day summer will fall on next year we would be only too pleased to oblige. Failing that it will be held on the first Saturday in August as usual.